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Basic Skills Required To Build A Website
Website development and updating will be an important skill to learn when you are setting up a new ebusiness. Many people lack the technical background to manipulate and create websites which limits their ability to effectively convey their message online. The ability to gain a working knowledge of HTML and CSS is a basic requirement for setting up an ebusiness. Start with basic HTML tutorials and then advance to cascading style sheets (CSS) for easier management of design and layout functions.

HTML Programming

HTML is very logical and concept oriented. If you can understand the concept of a flowchart, which is to say layers of things interacting with each other, then HTML will not be difficult. In addition to learning these skills yourself you can easily hire a web developed of varying calibre and cost to create your website for you. The main problem with this is you lose your creating control to a certain degree as it costs money every time that you want to make a change or update to the website. By learning basic HTML you will be able to create your own simple websites using templates and then customizing them to meet your needs.

HTML websites can be created in text programs like MS notepad or most text editor softwares. The file is then saved as an .HTML file instead of a .TXT or similar. Internet browsers like internet explorer and Firefox then take the text information in the file and interpret it to a graphical interface. The text of the document uses tags to identify information to be interpreted by the browser.

SEO Disadvantages Of Website Building Software

Once you have created the information in text files and saved them as HTML files you then upload them to your server, or the company that hosts your website on the internet. Hosting is essentially uploading your information to a remote third party computer which has a constant and permanent internet connection.

It is possible to create websites by finding user friendly website building software however these solutions will not allow you the creating control that you need graphically and will also make successful SEO of your website. In order to properly create an optimized website you will need the ability to alter the source code of the site yourself.

Without the ability to author your own web pages your business may never reach its full potential. By taking the time to learn HTML you will be making a huge step towards the success of your online ebusiness. If you are interested in more information on how to learn basic HTML there are hundreds of resources available on the internet to assist you.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is a form of HTML control where you have a single design specification sheet instead of programming each HTML page to have a congruent theme. Changes to headlines, font, color, shape, size and layout of your HTML website are all controlled with a simple .CSS file. Once you have read a few basic tutorials on HTML you will have more than enough information to begin altering .CSS files confidently and building professional looking websites.

For more information on HTML, CSS and website authoring you can check out the Canadian eBusiness Blog or view the full list of Canadian online business articles in the Canadian eBusiness Article Directory

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