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Tracking & Analytics - The SEO Toolkit
As part of developing a new ebusiness you will need to learn how to track the traffic of your website and monitor the progress of your website and new marketing campaigns. Learning how people arrive at your website, and equally as importantly where they leave your website, is critical in the successful development of your online store.

How To Track People On Your Website

By implanting a small script, or special tag in the text of your website source, you can activate tracking programs which will allow you to follow the progression of people through your website pages. The information available through analytics of your web traffic is imperative to achieving the maximum potential of your ebusiness as it gives you first hand data about where your traffic is coming from and what they are doing when they get to your website.

Of critical importance is the search engine search terms that people entered which resulted in them finding your website. You will be able to follow the gradual progression of relatable search terms as your website gains popularity and relevancy in the search engines. This can help you to not only know where your existing traffic is coming from but also how to hone in on new and profitable traffic. The specific ability to find the patterns of which traffic on your website proved to be the most profitable, or had the highest ratios and instances of sales, will be useful.

Analyze Website Date To Target Your Customers

Analytics on your website will give you access to data that will allow you to understand the profiles of your most profitable customers. You will be able to identify which search terms were entered by a customer before they purchased from you. This can lead to a direct source for highly profitable customers if you can identify a new target market by following the search and buying patterns of your existing customers.

Another useful feature of some analytics software is the ability to browse your own website through the eyes of your actual visitors. Figures superimposed onto your website navigation show where people on your website navigated to when on the page you are looking at. This can be a huge help to determine the mindset of your web patrons as well as determine the most popular and least popular aspects of your content and website design. This can help you to improve upon negative aspects of your website and hone in on the most important, most relevant and most profitable visitors to your website.

Analytics tracking and SEO go hand in hand as the analytics data will give you some indication as to the success or failure you are having with organic search engine placement in the search engines.

Every company That Sells Online Should Use Analytics

Most analytics and tracking programs are easy to use and require little overall technical interfacing with your website. Ideally you want to choose a popular and robust tracking software that will provide accurate data and strong reporting mechanism which will allow you to interact with and learn from the information that you are gathering.

By choosing a popular analytics and tracking software you are increasing the likelihood that the software will be supported long term as opposed to becoming obsolete and needing to change to a new system shortly in the future. Additionally the popularity of the program will increase the availability of technical and supporting documentation and information online.

In the long term you will need the ability to monitor the success of your website through tracking and analytics. Without this concrete data to base your business decisions from you are literally flying blind. By closely monitoring the statistics of your website traffic and visitors you will be able to monitor the success and failure of different marketing efforts as well as determine which search phrases the search engines consider your website relevant for.

For more information on tracking and analytics software you can view the Canadian eBusiness Blog or you can browse the online business articles in the Canadian eBusiness Article Directory

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