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Canadian Search Engine Optimization
If you want as much information as you can get about building a search engine friendly website and giving your website every opportunity to succeed online then you must understand and implement the five simple steps to solid SEO.

1) Website Domain Name

The domain name of the website must match exactly, or as close to exactly as possible the ideal search string that your potential customer might search for. The closer the domain name is to the original search string entered, the more credence your website will receive from the search engines. This is a very simplified variation on the complex algorithm that search engines use, but sufficed to say that this is a very important overall factor.

Example – If someone searched for “doodads online” you would find that “doodads.com” would likely out perform “thebestdoodadsanywhere.com” for obvious reasons. You may even find that “doodadsonline.com” might work even better since you are specifically targeting a potential customer who wishes to know more about or purchase doodads online. The website “doodads.com” although being very relatable to the search phrase, may in fact be all about the history of doodads and have nothing at all to do with selling doodads online or otherwise. By knowing how to target the people most likely to become paying customers of yours you can maximise what SEO really is to new businesses on the internet – the ability to get your website viewed by potential customers through organic search engine result placement.

2) Content & Keyword Density

The content and keyword density of the website is critically important as to how search engines will view the relevancy of your website. If “doodadsonline.com” did not have the words “doodads” or “online” anywhere in the content of the website then the chances of a search engine finding relevancy in the website would decrease drastically. A search engine will want to see a relevant domain name, and then also relevant website content all relating to the subject matter.

To counteract negative SEO techniques Google and other search engines will be wary of “keyword stuffing”. Keyword stuffing is the irrelevant or unintelligible inclusion of superfluous keywords into a website unnecessarily for the express purpose of attempting to falsely increase the overall relevancy of the website. More will be covered on this subject later, but for know just realize that over and above the technicalities of how search engines operate, a well written and laid out website providing relevant, engaging and unique website copy will have the best chance at organic search engine placement.

3) Website Popularity

The popularity of your website among internet users, specifically those sent to your website from an organic search engine result search phrase, will have a huge impact on how search engines view the validity and quality of the information available on your website.

Example – If 1000 people all searched for “doodads online” and then clicked onto your website link in the search engine results. Of the 1000 people, if the vast majority of them navigated away from your website after a short period of time this might detract from your overall standing in the search engines relevancy for that search term since the people who found your website did not stay there very long. Conversely if Google sees that of these 1000 people a large part of them stay on your website and browse the content internally on the website from page to page, this will increase the perceived value of your website to the search engines.

4) Website Maturity

The length of time that the website has existed is an important factor that search engines will use in determining the overall value of your website. If you have been the leading website of doodads since 1999 it would be very difficult for another, newer company to become more relevant than your website. This is why it is important to fast track the learning process of starting a new Canadian ebusiness and get online right away. Since the internet is still so new in relative terms, there are still many industries online which do not have many, if any, companies vying for search engine placement. In many cases all it takes to become the authority on a given subject in the eyes of the search engines is to be the first website dedicated to that subject.

5) Incoming Links

The quality and to a lesser degree quantity of websites that have links pointing to your website will help search engines determine the overall relevancy and quality of your website. This can affect you in both good and bad ways since high quality incoming links from known reputable sources in the internet can provide you with increased popularity with the search engines, where bad links from known problem sites or industries can hurt your results. To an extreme degree having an excess of established problem sites linking to you can get you locked out of the search engines all together – permanently!

You can start to see know a little more about how search engines work and how you can specifically interact with them and manipulate the organic results to the best of your ability. Playing by the rules is the only way to go in SEO. If you learn what Google and other search engines are looking for and provide this for them to the best of your ability you are sure to increase your overall standing online.

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