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The Canadian SEO Advantage
Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is called, refers to the ability and likelihood of major search engines like Google finding relevancy in your website on a given subject.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work

When a search engine finds the content on your website to be relevant to a search phrase, a hyphenated version of your website will be shown to the potential reader in a list of results ranked in order of which Google feels will be the best fit for what they are searching for. In a nutshell SEO is the practice of applying techniques known to increase popularity and relevancy within the engine itself, thereby increasing the occasion that you will receive priority search engine placement for a given set of criteria.

If you sell "doodads" on your website, then you might try to search engine optimise your website for criteria such as “doodad sales” or “where to buy doodads online”. By increasing the likelihood of Google displaying your website to people searching these terms, you will increase the likelihood of attracting new and profitable customers.

Five Steps To Successful eBusiness SEO

The depth of this field of study is staggering. Much of the information involved with SEO is based upon independent testing as well as trial and error for search engine marketers and webmasters. Also, Google is constantly updating their search engines to make them more powerful and useful for finding relevant information and dismissing irrelevant information.

As the engine updates, so must the marketing practices needed to remain competitive in a constantly changing environment. Though many new SEO tricks and ideas are born every day while others fade into obscurity, it seems that there are a few factors that Google and their search engines consider important when determining the relevancy of a website:
  1. The domain name of the website
  2. The content and keyword density of the website
  3. The popularity of the website with other users
  4. The length of time the website has existed
  5. The quality and relevancy of links that point to the website

In addition to these major considerations, there are literally hundreds of other factors which should be known also in order to make your website appeal to Google. These just happen to be a few of the more long withstanding and heavily weighted criteria that the search engines consider.

Look more in depth into these five critical SEO criteria and examples of how they will affect the ability of your website to be listed in the search engines then continue to page two - Five Simple Steps To Solid Website SEO Explained
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