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5 Steps To Free Website Promotion
The importance of creating a compelling and cost effective advertising campaign for your new ebusiness can not be underrated. As a new entity online the first major difficulty that you will have is in attracting any potential customers to your store. This can be a deflating experience after so much hard work in creating the online store only to have it flutter in obscurity receiving little to no traffic at all.

The Fastest Method To Develop Traffic On A New Website

The way to counteract being the new kid on the block is to launch and maintain an ongoing marketing campaign for your website. In fact the marketing campaign can begin long before you are ready to open the doors to your ebusiness. Since maturity of the content is so important to search engines and organic search engine placement you could specifically benefit by having a website up and running years before you are ready to sell online. If you are able to identify the keywords and target phrases that your ebusiness will pursue you can create relevant content relating to that subject and place it online as a precursor to the information that will be the in the future.

This single act of placing and promoting original and informative website content in anticipation of an internet business that will be released at that website in the future can propel you ebusiness actual years ahead of other new websites in terms of established credibility with the search engines.

This Is The Marketing Campaign That Never Ends

The concept of an ongoing marketing campaign refers to the constant promotion of your website through various internet marketing venues on an ongoing basis. There is a definite cumulative effect to internet marketing and promotion through link building, press releases, article releases, blogging, social networking and mixed media advertising. Adding small pieces to the overall puzzle over time is beneficial in both the short and long term traffic and search engine placement of your website. By rolling out a continual stream of new and compelling content you will create the effect of becoming an authority on your subject in the eyes of the search engines.

In addition to the advantages of increased relevancy with the search engines you will also find that a good portion of your profitable website traffic will come from the articles, press releases and links that you have established to your website.

As a small business financial constraints may require you to employ free advertising techniques, however as the business grows you should give consideration to paid advertising for your site.

Articles Are The Best Free Resource For Website Promotion

By writing articles and submitting them to major article distribution networks you will be able to create as much or as little free advertisement for your website as you want. Article distribution websites allow you to submit unique article content that will be released through their website to be read and redistributed through the internet. When you write an article you will have the ability to place a signature at the end of the article citing resources and including a link back to your website. This will provide both the value of the link itself, as well as attracting an audience that is interested in reading on the subject matter of the article.

Write compelling short articles that act as a precursor to the information, product or service available on your website. This way you effectively are creating a new sales portal to find new customers and increasing the relevancy of your website in the search engines. You will find that well written articles submitted to reputable article distribution networks will develop page rank relatively quickly. This can create a strong network of high quality incoming links to your website in the future.

Press Releases Have Huge Potential To Increase Traffic

The effectiveness of a well written press release is very similar to writing articles. Writing a press release involves creating an objectively written article that serves to provide a quick update of newsworthy information. Writing a press release can be slightly more time consuming and difficult than just an article, but the possibility for website traffic is much greater should the press release be picked up and republished by a major news source.

To find newsworthy information to relate about your website, you need to put a valuable or unique spin on your website. You can write a compelling press release on just about anything - it is simply a matter of understanding how to present the information in a way that will benefit the reader.

Example - If you have a website that sells doodads online then you could easily write a press release detailing the difficulty in how to find quality doodads, or perhaps a press release providing information on new doodad technologies. The possibilities are endless - just remember to keep your writing objective and avoid being classified as press release spam.

Submit Your Website To Website Directories

By searching though search engines you will be able to find website directories which serve to catalogue and index large volumes of websites and information. By submitting to these directories this will often will result in back links to your website. The key to having this form of free website promotion is an increased relevancy in the search engines. Be sure to post your website in the most suitable category and this will help to establish your relevancy by increasing the number of specifically relevant links back to your website.

Even better than free website directories, which are generally automated, you can search for human moderated website directories like www.Dmoz.com which will have more influence with the search engines than automated website directories. Getting listed with human moderated website directories takes a LONG time - often as much as a year or more so be sure to submit your site to these locations as soon as it is complete. A link from Dmoz is solid gold as for as website promotion, SEO and online credibility goes.

Write Compelling Wiki Entries

If you are able to write strong, informative and objective content than you may be able to write Wiki articles for both Wikipedia as well as Wikihow which are both well respected by search engines. It is against the policy of these user updated content websites to be used for commercial purposes so any information you contribute must be relevant, helpful and free of sales copy. Again like writing articles, the point is to write information that acts as a precursor or compliment to the content on your website. If you write a strong article and submit it to Wiki with a link to your website in the resources section of the article you may find yourself with a high quality incoming link to your website shortly.

Many Wiki entries will get removed by other users so you must be patient and also write well organized and useful information. Read and follow the rules provided by Wiki as closely as possible to limit the possibility of having your IP blocked from updating Wiki content. There is a definite learning curve to utilizing Wiki for increasing your website traffic, but this remains as one of the very best ways to increase traffic and the popularity of your website with the search engines.

Blogging Is A Critical Component Of Website Promotion

The concept behind blogging is that you create new and interesting content on an almost daily basis and update it to your blog. Search engines favour content that is updated often and this was the basis for how blogging began as one of the leading SEO tools available for online companies.

Blogs tend to be indexed by search engines often, and will receive incoming links faster than a typical website. Blogs provide the majority of daily updated content to the internet and are often picked up and redistributed by other blogs and webmasters looking to provide additional content to their readers.

One of the most important factors to your blog is that you will post all articles and press releases you write in your blog before posting them to article and press release distribution websites. This will allow you to bolster the information in your blog as well as develop an online following of readers. Posting your articles and press releases on your website prior to publishing them elsewhere will help the search engines to know that your website is the article source - not the place that you submitted the article to.

By combining all of these easy and free techniques you easily will increase the traffic of your website. Each one of these suggestions requires research and practice to become fluent with - but ultimately are easy enough for anyone to do. The success of your online business depends on your ability to generate traffic to your website so be sure to take advantage of every free website promotion opportunity that is available to you.

For more information on website promotion you can read the Canadian eBusiness Blog or you can browse the selection of online business resources in the Canadian eBusiness Article Directory

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