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5 Steps To Successful Internet Marketing
The subject of internet marketing covers a wide array of both general and specific subject matter. With exposure being a primary concern in an online marketplace, strategic alliances between complementary products and services exist to drive targeted traffic to your website. Beyond the scope of this exists affiliate marketing which is a single or multi-tiered referral system for new business. The entire system can be loosely related to the concept of a finderís fee for new business.

When starting a new ebusiness it is critical that you understand how to promote your business online. Where SEO is a passive approach to creating an enticing website for people to find and Google to consider relevant, internet marketing is an aggressive approach to finding new website traffic. By actively adding, updating and creating content you will encourage people to find your website, which in turn can lead to more people finding your website if they were impressed. There are a number of free and paid methods to market your website online and increase your traffic, but for a new ebusiness it will be important to focus of free methods of internet marketing.

1) Article Submissions

Article submission sites are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. By creating a unique and interesting article and submitting it to any number of free article directories you can create a limitless promotional tool. Articles that you write will also mature over time and develop recognized relevance from the search engines and this will lead to an increase in links pointing to your website. Getting quality and relevant links from trusted sources on the internet is one of the surest ways to increase the overall visibility of your website in the search engines, and on the internet.

2) Press Releases

Press releases are equally as good as articles for getting traffic to your website, however most people find press releases harder to write. If you are not familiar with press releases they are essentially a news article which serves to update or report on newsworthy information in a specific format. Following format guidelines and objective, informative reporting you can create press releases for almost anything related to your business. Getting your press release picked up and redistributed on the internet is one of the fastest ways to dramatically increase the traffic on your website.

3) Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can be alluring to small ebusiness owners imagining an army of internet marketers promoting your products. This can in fact happen by joining affiliate marketing authority websites and offering a generous commission on an interesting product or service. The downside to this type of affiliate marketing is that you have no creating control with the people who are promoting your product. This can seriously hurt a business which utilizes SEO since a few bad incoming links can seriously damage your overall credibility online. Creating strong and strategic affiliations with companies who offer a complementary product or service to yours is the most effective and proven affiliate marketing strategy online.

4) Incoming Links

Incoming links to your website will help people to find you as well as increase your importance and relevance in the eyes of a search engine. The higher the quality of the incoming link, as well as a few other factors, the more credibility it will lend to your website. Establishing quality incoming links will take a number of different strategies such as open directories, cross linking, article writing, press releases and blogging. The point of internet marketing altogether could be boiled down to the singular concept of making your website available on the internet and one of the very strongest ways to do this is by creating quality, relevant incoming links to your website.

5) Blogging

Blogging is a unique internet marketing tool. Essentially blogging is a marketing solution created by the tendency of search engines to be partial to content which is updated and added to often. By creating a website, or reporting column, you can work away to create a large index of information available to search engines. If you write interesting and original content that will captivate your readers you can become a well recognized source for information in the search engines. Blogging can be used as a tool for promotion for your website in addition to a revenue generating stream in itself. The more content that you have in your blog, the more chance you have of a search engine seeing your website as relevant for a given search phrase.

All of these techniques and many more are what comprise the concept of internet marketing. To the new Canadian ebusiness it will be important to learn how to effectively promote your business using the mainstream methods listed above to maximise your website traffic potential. Since many of these marketing methods are free, there is no limit to how much promotion you can do.

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