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Canadian eBusiness Article
Developing Online Business Strategies - A Canadian Perspective
I talk to people every day that are looking for the magic secret to making an explosively popular and lucrative website. My answer is always the same understand how it all works and then interject your business into the ocean of ecommerce. You can either jump in and drown, or learn how to swim before you ever get in the water. The only thing standing between you and a comfortable living on internet based income is hard work.

I can still remember what it was like first learning how to start a business and sell online. I would spend days researching a subject that I thought I needed to know only to find out that it would not work for me because I am Canadian, or because of a technical or software based conflict. I remember vividly trying to learn how to program a website using HTML with absolutely no background experience at all. If I could do it all again, knowing what I know now, I could literally build a hundred successful online businesses in the time it took me just to learn where to start the whole process.

Having started from nothing and without any previous affiliation with computers I had to learn basically every lesson the hard way. Around every turn was a new problem that would puzzle me for days on end. Posting questions to forums and reading technical manuals until all hours of the night was just regular business around my home. Worst of all was the catch 22 situations Canadians encounter when trying to start a new business online.

A new Canadian ebusiness will need to develop a website, and a place to host that website so that others can see it on the internet. They will also need bank accounts for the business both on and offline as well as a host of software applications such as databases, shopping carts and tracking software. As a new business develops online it will likely encounter each of these requirements at some point.

You must know in advance which programs you will need both now and in the future in order to make sure that these specific programs will support each other. If you were to build an entire webstore using a webstore building program that you found online, you could potentially put hundreds of even thousands of hours into developing and building the webstore only to find out that the webstore does not offer a full solution to Canadian companies.

This is actually a very common problem that new Canadian ebusinesses make. If you search for something online in Canada, the vast majority of the information that the search engine returns to you will be from American sources. This is because of our proximity to the USA, combined with our culture similarities and the fact that US based information and services online outnumbers Canadian information 10:1.

So many people make the logical mistake of taking a step forward before understanding which direction they should be going in and end up failing before they even truly begin. The information is all right there - it is simply a matter of committing yourself to learning and then reaping the rewards.

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